Central Govt to introduce new Social Media Policy to monitor Anti-National Activities on the Internet

By | August 15, 2017

Central Govt to introduce new Social Media Policy to monitor Anti-National Activities on the Internet

The Social Media platforms are the new-age televisions and radios for the masses. In a recent founding, Whatsapp has been noted as the primary source of news for 34 countries with over 50 per cent respondents. Recently, Government of India has decided to control all the social media platforms with a new Social media policy which monitors the activities on the internet.

The government of india is deciding framework for the new Social Media Policy is being discussed with Representatives from several security agencies. The policy guidelines would be formed with an aim and object to stop anti-national or corrupt activities on whatsapp and facebook.

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The Government has declared to launch reforms back in 2015 to check ‘sensitive’ or fake news on social media. Prior this year, Government has decided to make it mandatory to obtain a license to create or manage a Whatsapp group in few states like (JK) Jammu and Kashmir. No. of people or students relying on social media platforms like whatsapp and facebook for news is growing rapidly and believes everything which is shared online.
The use of social media this also leads to corruption, violence, chaos, and mass killings as well. In such cases, murders and violence are against innocents, students against those who haven’t been proven guilty by the law. In last month, UP Govt. had blocked some social media platforms and apps, when riots broke out between two communities in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Reports have concluded that this riot was raised after some misunderstanding propagated on Whatsapp.

Another instance, a fake Tweet of communal riots in Kolkata spread a panic and concern all over India in 2015. In a good hope Government of India may curb such social riots along with ensuring users privacy on social media through its Social Media Policy

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