Best Tips to Score better in Board Exams

By | August 15, 2017

Students put their heart out to score best in their CBSE board exams but not everyone gets the desired result. Why does it happen that a student who studies more than 10 hours a day obtains average marks and the one who studies 3 to 4 hours a day brings top grades. Is it mind’s capability or the mindset. A common query that every student cannot deny to ask is what is it that we need to know to score well in board exams, since what you do in those three hours is all that matters.

To answer all the above questions and make your mind clear, the page provides tips and strategies that can help you to an extent and make you score better in the board exams.

Obtaining impressive results directly or indirectly depends on your hard work and preparation from the start. When it comes to the other aspect, it is not at all true that some humans are born with brains with properties of a supercomputer, its all about your mindset, a mentality that you carry with you. You need to develop a firm mindset that you can score well if you work for your goals. All the technical aspects come secondary, if you have decided that you are just not made for this, then you are right. If you have a perfect mindset, here are a few vital and effective tips to help you.

Set your Targets

Setting targets set you on a pacy track. You have a perfect mindset on which are the areas you need to work according to the time allotment to every concept. For instance, suppose you need to make Pythagoras theorem perfect along with problems from other unit on the same day. Before beginning, divide your work into groups where in, half of the time assigned to working on theorems and practicing hard to gain confidence. While, the other half can be efficiently utilized since you are already perfect with the theorems. If you are not planned, working on theorems and problems at the same time, you are probably more likely to mess up between problems and theorems and attain hold on none.

Please know your Syllabus

Just imagine that you are preparing everything from all the units and not skipping a single topic. Some topics require more time while some can be done with pace. Since this kind of approach works with students who are least bothered on what’s included and concepts which no more exist in the syllabus. What if you have spent half of your day preparing the concept which no more exists in your CBSE syllabus. You need to stay well updated with your syllabus since that is the only way you know which are the units and topics that carry maximum marks and can lift your scores.

Solve previous years Question Paper

It is important to have a proper idea on how the board paper is likely to be. When you solve as many sets of previous year question paper, you get to know the questions being repeatedly asked maximum number of times and the one which have appeared least. The more question papers you solve, more you gain confidence and develop a fearless approach to attempt exam of any subject.

Different styles for different subjects

  • If you are preparing for Maths Examinations, make sure that you have a correct ideology of preparation. Make sure that you are thorough with all the important maths formulas. Make a chart that has all the formulas chapter wise along with important theorems and graphical representations.
  • If you are preparing for subject like chemistry, you cannot afford to go wrong on framing correct named reactions. Standard Chemical reactions reactions are meant to be forgotten since there are so many, hence if you practice every named chemical equations and reactions maximum times, you can easily score well in Chemistry.
  • If the next exam in Biology, how can you enter the exam hall without being perfect with all the diagrams along with explanation of every component. Biology is all about theory answers and if you can frame every concept in the form of important points and perfection on labelled diagrams, nothing can stop you being an impressive biology student.

In addition to all, a positive frame of mind subsets all the aspects of achieving the desired results in final exams. What you think about yourself has a huge impact on your results, hence if you have a right attitude towards your plans and objective, there exists nothing that can ever stop you.


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