Blended Learning and Teaching Profession

Blended Learning and Teaching Profession

Blended Learning is the advanced and Modern form of learning. It constitutes learning from combination from Online Multimedia and conventional classrooms with books. The combination of both these virtual media and physically present books helps the students to grow more. The books help them to become theoretically stronger and digital media helps to become practically sharper. Blended learning is also used in professional development and training settings. Blended Learning can lead new opportunities for the students and improved conditions for the teachers. As students role evolved within a more personalized and a tech rich environment, teacher roles should evolve accordingly.

Benefits of Blended Learning for Teachers

  1. Teachers would be able to provide information in a multimedia rich way which would ultimately improvize the student’s knowledge
  2. Blended Learning also helps to extend the time between the teachers and the students
  3. Teachers can also provide personalized teaching to the students who need more attention.
  4. Digital Media will motivate students to learn and apply the knowledge in daily life.
  5. It will also open the gates for the teachers to teach at any day and at any time.
  6. Blended Learning will also help in Deeper Learning.

Benefits of Blended Learning for Students

  1. Blended Learning will help in team learning. It will also make the studies a little more fun and appealing.
  2. It will generate leadership qualities in the students.
  3. Blended Learning is less time consuming therefore it will lead to more efficiency.
  4. Students will have an ocean of data on a particular topic which won’t be limited to the knowledge of any person.
  5. It will make students more inclined towards studies. It will lead the students to be more specialized in any field which will further help in more job opportunities.

Blended Learning Teaching


Blended Learning was never meant to replace teachers and books with technology and digital media. Blended Learning will empower the imagination and skills of the students and it will be a teachers best friend.

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